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If you’re looking to get your feline with the only feline exclusive clinic in the entire New Orleans area we’ve got you covered! Our amazing animal hospital boasts state of the art equipment for all of your veterinary needs. Our team is so excited to meet your furry friend!

New Clients Welcome!

Finding a new veterinary clinic can feel very daunting and stressful for you as a pet parent. A simple Google search can leave you with more questions than answers, leaving you even more stressed out about which animal clinic is best. You don’t need to worry though, as a new client at The Cat Practice we’ll make you and your feline feel right at home! Our veterinary clinic is fully equipped with any and all needs related to feline care. We pride ourselves on providing excellent preventative medicine and incorporate Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) too. We want to make sure your cat receives the absolute best medical care. Dr. Holly Dodson is here to serve you regardless of what medical history your feline has. We offer incredible and all inclusive services, so you never have to leave our clinic for any testing, therapy or nutritional needs. If you’re in need of diagnostic care, dental services or pain management, we’re prepared to walk you through each and every step.

As a new client, we know how overwhelming the process can be to switch veterinarians. We assure you that any medical history your cat may have will be looked over and analyzed in detail, giving you peace of mind that we know all the details. Maybe it’s your first time ever being the proud owner of a kitty and you’re not even sure where to start! The Cat Practice will make sure to provide all the important guidelines that come with being a cat parent so you and your new friend live a happy and healthy life together. Whether you are looking for an animal clinic that can provide comforting senior pet care or needing a life-long partner for your new kitten, our team welcomes you with open arms! Please make sure to check out our new client form available right here on our website. This will allow us to have important information already on file, before your very first visit even begins. Give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled right away!

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