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Diagnostic Care

The Cat Practice offers an extra level of expertise in diagnosing and managing difficult medical cases. Our in-house diagnostic testing and tools allow our veterinarians to accurately diagnose medical conditions and develop treatment plans to accommodate your cat's needs.

In-House Laboratory

Our goal at The Cat Practice is to provide your feline family member with a rapid and accurate diagnosis so we can more appropriately treat your cat's diseases. We utilize the latest diagnostic modalities in endocrinology, cytology and cancer diagnostics.

Our veterinarians and staff are here to make the testing process smooth for both you and our furry patients. We want to make sure that we have a full scope of all possible factors that may be causing the problem.

Use of our updated laboratory testing will allow us to see the full picture and create an effective treatment plan that can save your feline's life. If your cat needs a intestinal parasite exam, blood work, or a urinalysis you can always trust that we can quickly and efficiently get results back.

Digital Radiography

Is your kitten limping? Is your elderly feline showing discomfort when you pet their spine area? Is your cat having trouble chewing or pawing at their mouth? It sounds like you may need our incredible digital radiography services! Your feline friend will be in good hands while we take xray images with either our whole body or dental radiography units. We utilize digital radiograph machines to provide quicker diagnosis. Digital radiography is also more earth friendly than traditional film radiography machines. No matter what is causing your kitty discomfort we are here and ready to perform diagnostic imaging as part of building an effective treatment plan.


We offer a complete digital imaging suite so that any scan you may need can be done right here in our animal clinic! If you need an ultrasound to determine what’s going on in your cat's digestive system, we’ve got you covered! Our digital imaging suite allows you to feel at peace with the knowledge that our team can quickly obtain results. Perhaps your feline is showing signs of weight loss or they constantly have digestive issues. Abdominal ultrasonography is a useful tool to diagnose a variety of medical conditions in a sick kitty.

If you have any questions or any follow-up scans you need to schedule, our team is already ready to get you an appointment as quickly as possible. Give us a call or let us know at your next visit!


If you know your cat is in need of an echocardiogram, it’s important that you’re aware of what it is, how the procedure is done and why your cat may need this procedure. Let’s start with the basics. An echocardiogram is most commonly known as an "echo" or "cardiac ultrasound". This tool is used to look deep within the heart and even around it. Since it uses high-frequency sound waves, the echocardiogram creates live images of the heart and how it functions.

If The Cat Practice suspects heart disease by either a physical examination, a blood test, or an X-ray, we may recommend an echocardiogram as the next step in evaluating your kitty’s heart.

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