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If you’re looking for a safe place for your cat to enjoy our fantastic boarding services that will keep you coming for years to come then this is the place for you! The Cat Practice is here to get you booked quickly. Give us a call or send us an email right away!

Boarding Your Cat

The Cat Practice can provide your cat with all of the comforts your feline needs to have a fantastic time during their stay with us. As a veterinary clinic, we offer a wide variety of services that pet resorts cannot provide you. If your cat has special dietary needs or medications that they take, it’s always best to have a professional meet their needs. This is especially important if you’re leaving your cat alone, as they are used to only your care.

Having an expert team ready to meet every need leaves you with peace of mind. You know that your cat will always be monitored and any sign of distress or pain can easily be treated by our very own veterinary staff.

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