Mother’s Day Essay Contest Submission

Ms. Ginja,

My name is Charlie and I want to tell you my story. I think I might have had a family before at one time. I really don’t know why they didn’t want me anymore and stopped taking care of me. I was on my own for a long time until last month when I found my way into this nice lady’s backyard. I was in pretty bad shape by then. This lady would feed me and talk to me and try to get me to trust her. One day she caught me! She put me in a cage and took me to the doctor. She knew I needed help and that I could not get better on my own. She was afraid I would not live much longer if left outside with nobody to help me. I was a real mess. I had wounds on my legs that were not healing, I was skinny and hungry, and I had so many of these nasty little bugs on me that I felt like I was being eaten alive. My skin was raw and ugly because I scratched so much to try to get rid of the mites. I think it even shocked the doctor and his staff when they saw me the first time. But Dr. Cousins and his staff took very good care of me and treated me like royalty even though I was just a common cat, and an ugly mess of one at that. I’m getting better now thanks to this lady that calls herself my mom (and all of you at the Cat Practice). My wounds are healed, the bugs (scabies) are gone and my hair is growing back. Mom says she named me Charlie because I have a black spot like a mustache under my nose and I remind her of Charlie Chaplin whoever that is, and she tells me I’m going to be a pretty handsome guy. I live inside now. I no longer have to worry about being cold, wet or what I’m going to eat or worse, what could eat me! Mom makes sure I eat healthy food every day (much better than the trash I was eating on the street) and that I have a comfortable place to sleep. I never had a real bed before and it feels so good to curl up and fall asleep now. It’s hard for me to trust humans, but I’m trying to get to know her. I know it hurts her feelings when I shy away from her, but she’s being really patient with me. She keeps telling me she hopes one day that I will love her as much as she loves me. She even bought me these things called toys. I never had things like this before and don’t really know what to do with them, but I do really like the way they smell. That catnip stuff is awesome!

Mom didn’t have to rescue me, but she did. She already has two other fur kids to take care of and really couldn’t afford another. I have a kitty brother, Minnie, that mom rescued just like me. I also have a doggie sister, Sally, that mom rescued from the animal shelter. She’s pretty cool, for a dog. Minnie and Sally have both told me that Mom will often times do without things she really needs or wants just so she can take care of us. She makes sure we all have the best food, the best medical care, toys to play with, and comfortable beds. She even feeds my friends that are still outside – Fuzzy, Cry Baby, Lil’ Bit, Kitty Kitty and Grumpy Cat. She gives us all of her love and attention, but she does not take care of herself. Everything she does is for us. My Aunt Diane is always telling Mom she should take better care of herself. Mom says we are her whole world and nothing makes her happier than being with us. Sometimes though I’ll see her crying and I asked Sally & Minnie why. They told me Mom had another kitty called Meow that passed away last year. It was very hard on Mom to lose him and she still misses him terribly.

I know that my mom is not the only human to rescue kitties like me, and that all moms love and care for their fur kids. But those other moms are not MY mom. Only MY mom takes care of ME and loves ME, and I’m so happy she does and that she made me part of her family along with Minnie and Sally. I think I’m going to like it here.


Charlie Lester