Pain Relief for Cats in New Orleans, LA

Dr. W. Mark Cousins was awarded as a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management. This latest accomplishment by Dr. Cousins regarding his expertise in pain control for cats shows a patient commitment that is unparalleled! The Cat Practice understands the role pain management plays in feline medicine. The CVPP certification from the International Veterinary Association of Pain Management demonstrates the commitment of The Cat Practice to do everything we can to mitigate any discomfort our patients are feeling, from either a disease or its treatment. Dr. Cousins is the only veterinarian in New Orleans and the only veterinarian in the Gulf South who holds both a specialty designation in both feline medicine and a certification in pain management. Call us today at (504) 525-6369.

The Cat Practice in New Orleans is Committed to Cat Pain Control

The team at The Cat Practice feels firmly that no feline patient of ours should suffer or feel pain if it is in our ability to stop or decrease it. We pride ourselves in our aggressive approach to cat pain control at our New Orleans feline hospital. Whether your cat is at our hospital for an elective surgical procedure or is suffering from a painful malady, The Cat Practice promises you that we will always attempt to mitigate your kitty’s level of pain and make your cat feel as pain-free as possible.

Whether using pharmaceutical approaches including the latest analgesic drugs offered in veterinary medicine, a Class 4 laser for pain control or healing, or acupuncture, The Cat Practice promises you that we will always take your cat’s comfort into account. That’s our definition of compassion.

Signs of Chronic Pain in Your Cat

Cats are very subtle about showing signs of discomfort. You’re not likely to see your cat noticeably limping or vocalizing due to joint pain, especially if they’re a senior.

Common signs that your pet is in pain may include:

  • Decreased activity
  • Anorexia
  • Sleeping more often
  • Decreased sociability
  • Fussy about having their back touched
  • Seem hesitant or reluctant to make high jumps
  • Limping

To improve your cat’s mobility and quality of life, we can offer a special diet to improve joint function or try medication, acupuncture or laser therapy for optimal results.

It is not easy to diagnose chronic pain in cats due to their gift of subtlety, as they are masters at hiding disease; however, making routine observations of your cat’s daily habits and behaviors could yield clues. If you suspect any health issues with your feline, we recommend that you contact our hospital at (504) 525-6369 so we can examine them and find a treatment.

Questions About Pain Management

The Cat Practice is continually committed to client education as well as  pain control, and we believe it’s important for cat owners to understand their cat’s needs. We encourage you to call us at (504) 525-6369 with your questions about pain management, as well as general cat care.

pain relief for cats in new orleans, la

Mr. Biggs was taken care of very well and I am so relieved to have him home again. 

- Jason H.

Absolutely love that this veterinary office is dedicated solely to the care of cats. Doctors and staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate regarding pets left in their care, lessening any concerns owners may have prior to visiting!

- Jasmyn S.

We love coming to the Cat Practice for vet appointments and boarding! My cat has stayed at one other boarding place and was extremely distressed when I picked him up. Every time we come here, he is happy and stress free when I pick him up! Thanks!

- Kristen T.

We have been coming since Cali was a tiny kitty and I would not go anywhere else. We are treated with kindness and friendliness and I very much enjoy going in. It has been the same kind of experience I had with my childrens' pediatric visits.

- Joyce H.

You're all absolute experts on feline health, and you give my cats the very best of care. I wouldn't take my beloved pets anywhere else.

- Laura L.

The knowledge and understanding Dr. Cousins has of felines is outstanding. Being only 1 of 80 in the nation that is specialized in feline practice makes us feel that our fur babies received the upmost care & treatement. Would highly recommend!

- Aaron B.