Endymeow 2017

Endymeow 2017 has officially come to a close, and that means it’s time for us to share some of our favorite photos from the event. Please spend a few minutes to browse through our photo gallery to see the highlights, including the delicious appetizers, costumed pet owners, and more! And if you didn’t get to enter your feline friend into the Royal Court of Endymeow contest, we hope you will in 2018!

Happy Mardi Gras…..!!!!!!


Show Us Your Kitties

Endymeow 2017
Endymeow 2017

The Royal Court of Endymeow


Mr. Biggs was taken care of very well and I am so relieved to have him home again. 

- Jason H.

Absolutely love that this veterinary office is dedicated solely to the care of cats. Doctors and staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate regarding pets left in their care, lessening any concerns owners may have prior to visiting!

- Jasmyn S.

We love coming to the Cat Practice for vet appointments and boarding! My cat has stayed at one other boarding place and was extremely distressed when I picked him up. Every time we come here, he is happy and stress free when I pick him up! Thanks!

- Kristen T.

We have been coming since Cali was a tiny kitty and I would not go anywhere else. We are treated with kindness and friendliness and I very much enjoy going in. It has been the same kind of experience I had with my childrens' pediatric visits.

- Joyce H.

You're all absolute experts on feline health, and you give my cats the very best of care. I wouldn't take my beloved pets anywhere else.

- Laura L.

The knowledge and understanding Dr. Cousins has of felines is outstanding. Being only 1 of 80 in the nation that is specialized in feline practice makes us feel that our fur babies received the upmost care & treatement. Would highly recommend!

- Aaron B.