The Cat Practice

Grooming Services

Let’s face it, most cats don’t particularly enjoy the idea of having to get groomed. As a pet parent, you know you want to make sure your feline has the best experience possible. You can trust that our state of the art facility is here to exceed all your expectations!

Grooming Services For Your Cat

Grooming your cat doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Our excellent veterinary staff offers a wide range of services and is available to get you booked as quickly and conveniently as possible too.

Your cat’s health also includes its fur. While we always advise our pet parents to brush and maintain at home, getting groomed at the vet is going to ensure that's done right. This is especially true for long-haired cats, who are more susceptible to tangling and matting of the fur. Regularly grooming your cat maintains the natural oils, leaving your cat’s coat looking glossy. It also helps to remove any dead fur or dirt that could later on turn into unwanted tangles. Our grooming team is ready to get your appointment booked and ready to see your cat look and feel it’s best!