Vaccines Matter…!!!!

So, it’s time for your kitty’s “shots.”  You bring your cat to your veterinarian and your vet gives your cat its vaccinations.  You feel your responsibility as a pet owner is satisfied, your cat is mad that it went to the vet, and the world is as it should be.

But, is it?  Here’s the problem: all feline vaccines are NOT created equal.  Since the early 1990’s, it was known that some vaccines (as well as some medications that veterinarians inject into cats) can cause problems.  Specifically, the chronic inflammation produced by some vaccines can eventually be the cause of the production of malignant and fatal tumors under the skin of a cat.  These tumor-causing vaccines have a component in them known as an adjuvant which has specifically been known to be the cause to these tumors.

Since 1992, The Cat Practice has not used any vaccine that has contained an adjuvant.  These non-adjuvant vaccines are more expensive than other, adjuvant-containing vaccines; but, we believe that we cannot ethically inject a feline patient with a substance known to potentially cause harm….no matter  the risk.

Please read the Position paper of the American Veterinary Medical Association on this subject.  There are other scientific papers explaining the phenomenon of vaccine associated tumors in cats below as well.   We think this will help you understand how and why The Cat Practice takes the health and well-being of your feline family member so seriously.

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