Mother's Day Essay Contest Submission

Dear Cat Practice,

My Mommy deserves World’s Best Cat Mom because she changed my life and then she saved my life! My mommy rescued me herself when I was just a baby. Well, I actually chose her by jumping out of my bushy wooded area to play with her while she was running one morning. Later that day, she came back to see if I was still there…and to see if I was homeless. I thought those bushes were my new home, but it turns out I got to live in paradise because of my new mommy. Within a few hours, I had a new “brudder” to play with, and I slept in a bed for the first time. Boy was I in heaven! Mommy quickly got me nourished, rested and extremely loved…now Mom and I are like peas & carrots!


We had four worry-free, healthy years until a few months ago when I got really sick. I was in a lot of pain, and mommy took me to Dr. Cousins as soon as she could. My tests were so bad that mommy thought she might lose me. She could’ve let me go, but she didn’t…she fought for me and I fought for her. It wasn’t fun being away from home and away from mommy for a whole week, but everyone was so friendly and took care of me and were happy to accept my kisses at The Cat Practice! Mommy learned how to become my nurse because she loves me so much. I heard that Dr. Cousins even tells our story to other mommies who have kitties with kidney problems too…I hope it gives other mommies hope to stay strong and fight too!


Now don’t get me wrong, having PKD is no picnic! I have to go through a treatment that I really don’t like twice a day. I sometimes hide so that mommy can’t find me. But she gets through it as fast as she can, and I get extra kisses when I’m finished! I know mommy doesn’t like doing this to me either, but I know she does it to make me feel better. I’m still here because of her and I cherish every day I have with her and Ludo (my brudder)!


My favorite time of day is when we snuggle in the mornings. We could snuggle for hours! I find myself so happy that I make lots of biscuits on mommy.  My favorite thing about mommy is how affectionate and caring she is. She always gives me kisses hello & goodbye (she knows how much I love kisses) and is always giving me an extra pat to make sure I know how much she loves me. I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d be without her…she’s the best!


Meow you know our story. I hope you vote my mommy the best in the whole wide world!


Meow & Kisses,

Olly Granger


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