To the Cat Practice:

My mom, Lydia Ozenberger was the best kitty mom ever. She found me along with my litter mates under her house on Henry Clay Avenue. I was a tiny black tabby cat. My mom brought me inside and raised me like one of her own. I gained weight and my hair became soft and shiny. I learned what love was.
I lived with my mom in several different houses before settling down on Aline Street. My favorite place was my mom’s bedroom. I would wait for her at the end of the bed every day when she came home from work. My mom would always bring me special wet cat food that she knew I loved. My mom would also brush me frequently because I had a thick wooly coat. My mom and I shared the same pillow at night and I knew I made her happy with my purring and body warmth.
I was devoted to my mom, and she to me. We lived for each other.
When I was 17 years old and became sick, my mom took me to the Cat Practice to try to get me well. I know they tried everything to make things better, but in the end it was my time to go.
Soon after that, my mom took me to the Cat Practice. Somehow I knew I was not coming back to Aline Street. My mom held me close and told me she loved me. She looked deep into my eyes as Dr. Dunn gave me some medicine to make me sleep.
I am not far from my mom. She is in my thoughts every day, and I know I am in hers. I can hardly wait to see her again where she can once more hold me and tell me how much she loves me.
Miss Kitty Ozenberger