The Cat Practice Christmas Story

Once upon a time, there was a kitty named Marigny that was so loved and so beautiful, that he was chosen to be on the cover of The 2015 Cat Practice calendar.  He even lost weight to be a terrific model.  But, before the calendar was printed, Marigny decided to “have a walk-about” and he left home.  Even worse, is that Marigny had a bit of a problem; he was mostly blind.

His owner was frantic and looked for Marigny high and low….but, to no good end.  Santa’s elves at The Cat Practice were very sad….because Marigny was one of their favorite cats to play with when he boarded (as he did often).  It was even sadder to see his beautiful face on the 2015 Cat Practice calendar and think that all might not see him again…..

Then, right before Christmas, a kind stranger (not known around these parts) just happened to walk into The Cat Practice with a cat he found….a cat that was hanging around his house that he didn’t want.  This kind stranger asked if the Elves could find a microchip in this kitty.  They didn’t need to…!!!!!  IT WAS MARIGNY….!!!!!!!  The Elves recognized him right away, for no other cat looked like him (or had eye problems like him).

His Daddy was called and he was ecstatic…!!!!!  The Elves were jumping for joy, high-fiving each other, and eating lots of candy….!!!!!  For Marigny was home and there was now happiness, peace, joy, and less candy in Cat Practice Land.  So, from the all the Elves at The Cat Practice, may YOUR Christmas be one of excitement and the re-discovery of what was once lost and now newly found.

Be Happy and Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!!

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