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Kitty Mom of the Year (Winner #3, Leslie Perrin, Sergeants Rocky & Sake)

Meow, meow, meow, purr, purr, meow, meow… Wait!  We better translate this so you human’s can understand what we’re writing. We would like to nominate our Mommy, Leslie Perrin, for the best Mommy ever.  The two of us, Rocky & Sake, have been her kids our whole lives of 15 months (except the first 5…

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Cat Obesity in New Orleans-The Cat Practice

Dr. Cousins paid a visit to WWLTV to speak about feline obesity! Did you spot him on TV this month? Check out his TV spot here! For more on Cousins and The Cat Practice, visit

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Kitty Mom of the Year (Winner #2: Laura Owen/Mommy of Azzurri, Bella, Jolie, Koko)

Our mom is the best cat mom. I’m Jolie, the number one cat, but I’m not the oldest because my mom adopted my birth mom Azzurri and adopted sister Bella’s birth mom Koko when their owner got too sick to take care of them. She and my dad decided that Azzurri and Koko were already…

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Kitty Mom of the Year (Winner #1, HannahBelle, Mary Harrison)

I was found as a kitten in Singapore.  I am a Japanese Bobtail.  I was a tiny white kitten with a bob tail and a huge head.  I was lost so I sat and mewed at the passing Singaporeans.  She spotted me on the sidewalk as she entered her office building.  She stopped and watched. …

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