Absolutely love that this veterinary office is dedicated solely to the care of cats. Doctors and staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate regarding pets left in their care, lessening any concerns owners may have prior to visiting!
- Jasmyn S.


Great experience for a cat owner. I trust The Cat Practice completely for my cat’s needs. It might not be the low-cost place to seek treatment but there is no better vet clinic for cats.
- John M.


We have been coming since Cali was a tiny kitty and I would not go anywhere else. We are treated with kindness and friendliness and I very much enjoy going in. It has been the same kind of experience I had with my childrens' pediatric visits.
- Joyce H.


You're all absolute experts on feline health, and you give my cats the very best of care. I wouldn't take my beloved pets anywhere else.
- Laura L.


The knowledge and understanding Dr. Cousins has of felines is outstanding. Being only 1 of 80 in the nation that is specialized in feline practice makes us feel that our fur babies received the upmost care & treatement. Would highly recommend!
- Aaron B.


I went to Dr. Cousins to get a second opinion on my cat’s medical problems. He gave me more options in treatment that had not been offered to me in the past. He gave me the knowledge to make hard, but well informed decisions for my baby.
- Radha R.


An all around pet and owner approach that I believe should be a standard for all practices.
- Emma M.


The staff is very friendly, and helpful, as you walk in. They call back to make sure your cat is ok, and Dr. Cousins explains to you what is going on. Cousins and his staff a great big thumbs up.
- Aj W.


The Cat Practice is absolutely the best place for cats. Dr. Cousins and his staff are AWESOME!!!! Hannah is so well taken care of each time we visit. They really do care about her. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know that has a cat.
- Roslind H.


Dr. Cousins and his tech Lauren were incredibly helpful in diagnosing Serena's condition. He took the time to inform me of what I needed to do and we got a game plan to get her healthy. I am very grateful and would definitely take Serena here again.
- Anonymous


Best care in the whole world!
- Deborah D.


Two words: professional and knowledgeable.
- Aaron B.


Thank you for taking care of my Buddha Nigel! Your replies and photos while I was on vacation made me feel so much better about leaving him.
- Sheri C.


In all the years I have dealt with the Cat Practice, my cats and I have received highly professional service. The health of my pets has been important to me and the doctors and staff at the Cat Practice have always been diligent.
- Null N.


I have total confidence in Dr. Cousins and everyone at the Cat Practice. Angelique was gentle and loving with Holly and Ivy. Dr. Cousins provided thorough info on senior care. The front desk staff was friendly and competent.
- Melissa F.


I would have to move out of New Orleans to find a vet that even comes close to Cat Practice!
- Anonymous


You all are so nice and fun to deal with!!
- Anonymous


I felt Timmy was comfortable with his visit. He was good when we got home. No stress. I liked the way Dr. Cousins talked to him as he checked him. A great experience for both Timmy and I.
- Yvonne B.


I've been coming here/there since 1988. You all know what you are doing and are kind to the cats.
- Mary C.


Our Angel will only see The Cat Practice. After I had surgery, my surgeon didn't call to see how I was doing. But, after Angel visited The Cat Practice, they call to check on her. They are wonderful.
- Brigitte A.


Because I love you guys! You love my cats like I do! I feel safe taking them here.
- Joey G.


From the moment we walked in until the moment we left I felt that the level of love and care for Lil'Leigh was absolutely amazing. Everyone made us feel like family and I rest assured that her health is your number one priority. Thanks you so much.
- Billy Ray M.


My cats & I trust all of you. Many years of excellent service. Words cannot express my gratitude.
- Emma


We were seen as new patients in an emergency, on a holiday weekend! Everyone was extremely nice and caring and made us all feel at home. The doctor even called to check on us the next day.
- Marian P.


Personable doctors and staff who care about your kitty's well-being and your's. When our Boots was dying of cancer, Dr. Cousins was very sensitive to the situation, prescribed an effective pain management protocol, and held our hands through it all.
- Mary R.


We were treated with respect and the over all care for Lagniappe was very professional.
- Guy S.


I like going to the Cat Practice because the vets and staff are highly knowledgeable about cats. I feel as though I pay a little more than a "general practice" vet, but Dr Cousins always knows exactly what to do whenever I have a concern.
-Colleen K.


If I could give them 10 stars, I would, Not much to say, other than brilliant, dedicated staff from the receptionist to the vets. The space is clean, airy, nicely designed and imbued with palpable love vibes.
My cats, Tingo & Rhoda demand The Cat Practice, and so do I!
-Caleb S.


Let me start out by saying that I am that crazy cat lady. My cat is my baby, my child, whatever. I've had her for 11 years and she means the world to me. So when she started feeling sick I brought her in to the Cat Practice.

I had seen their mural on the side of the building but multiple friends of mine told me this is where they brought their cats. Since I was new to the area, I was glad to have multiple recommendations to anywhere.

Wow. I was seriously impressed. They took in my baby right away...no week long wait. They did an exam and deduced that she'd need to come in for an ultrasound...they suspected liver cancer :(

They scheduled the ultrasound for Friday of the same week when an ultrasound specialist from the LSU Vet school in Baton Rouge would be in town (Right!!). It was the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Apparently these people don't work because they called me that Saturday to check on my baby girl, AND on Memorial Day when they got the test results back. Seriously. Who does this nowadays? During this whole ordeal they kept in touch almost every day, checking on my baby and making sure she was okay after the ultrasound.

They let me take as many free samples of their Science Diet food when I was distraught from the potential cancer diagnosis and told them it was the only food my kitty was eating. They said she was too skinny and needed to eat, so take them.

I called for a follow up appointment this week, a few months later, and they could take her the next morning. Not only that, they would keep her for me during the day until I got off of work!! What kind of service is this!

It turned out my little girl only had nodes on her gall bladder and not cancer, yay! I feel so lucky to have these guys close by. I can't imagine taking my moochie snookums anywhere else. Top notch place. They really care about your feline friends.
-Holly G.


Such a sweet, charming place on Magazine Street. It is clean, and smells great when you walk in. Everyone at The Cat Practice was wonderful. Dr. Cousins saw my two cats for their annual checkups/immunizations and he took great care of them. They really realize that you're cats are like your children, and treat them as such. So grateful for the excellent care. Will be back!
-Ann G.


When my wonderful cat, Bear, started showing signs of illness, I searched for an all-feline veterinarian. His doctor in his home-state was all-feline and I wanted Bear to get the same attention and level of care. Up popped The Cat Practice.

I called on a Sunday and left a message, since they are closed that day. To my delight, I received a call the next morning, inquiring about Bear's health. Admittedly, I was a bit wishy-washy on bringing him in, because he was looking better, and I didn't want to stress him out with the drive. When I committed to bringing him in, the staff assured me that they would be happy to see him when we got there.

From the front desk to the doctor, everyone on staff was friendly, loving, and accommodating. Between the cooing and sweet-talk, they were professional and efficient. I felt heard regarding my concerns. I was given a choice for treatment, which is rare--usually it's "We're going to do this--here's the bill." Here I was informed of the recommendations but nothing was forced.

Bear is usually a pretty tough patient. He screams, caterwauls, and scratches when doctors and nurses try to do anything to him. Yet, Dr. Dunn and Lauren fawned over him so much that he felt comfortable with them instantly. The office environment was clean and welcoming, too, which eased my mind.

Less than 24 hours later, Bear appears to be getting back to his old self, eating, meowing, and chasing bugs.

If you have a feline that means the world to you, I would highly recommend The Cat Practice. When your beloved cat isn't feeling well, the absence of noise and smells from other animals goes a long way to making their experience less-stressful.
Elizabeth L.