The importance we place in our efforts to educate both our staff and clients is something that sets us apart as a veterinary practice. Our feeling is that if our clients understand the reason why we make a medical recommendation for their feline pet, it will add significance and a deeper understanding to our advice. We use our website, in-house written literature, and client seminars to educate our clients about aspects of feline disease prevention, the latest feline medical issues, and seasonal medical concerns. We’re committed to providing detailed cat care education to New Orleans cat owners.

Dr. W. Mark Cousins is a nationally renowned speaker in the field of feline medicine, having educated veterinarians on topics of feline medicine. The importance of the education and communication to our clients at The Cat Practice cannot be overstated. This is our commitment to you.

As always, if you have more questions about your cat’s health, we would always love to talk with you.