Welcome to The Cat Practice in Metairie

The Cat Practice in New Orleans has been providing feline veterinary care to the Metairie community for over 25 years. Dr. Mark Cousins, our board certified feline specialist, provides excellent cat care to Metairie. We’re glad you have visited out web site, please feel to click around and find out more about our cat hospital. We have a number of cat veterinary services in Metairie for your feline friend.

Feline Veterinary Services in Metairie

Our Metairie cat veterinary services include:

If you are interested in learning more about our veterinary services for cats, we encourage you to contact our practice. You can also call us at 504-525-MEOW (6369).

Learn More About Your Cat

At The Cat Practice in Metairie, we are committed to educating our clients about cats and cat care. We provide access to our company blog where we provide educational and informative articles about cats. We are your lifelong partners in your cat’s care.