Your Cat Could Appear in Our 2018 Cat Calendar

The new year is on its way, and you know what that means—a new Cat Practice calendar! We love all of our feline patients, but there are only 12 months in a year. That’s why we’re calling for clients to send their best cat photos (maximum 3 photos per cat) for our “Cat Practice Model search.” Your cat(s) could be chosen to feature in our 2018 calendar! Remember, photos need to be of YOUR cat(s) only. The deadline for photo submissions is October 27th, 2017. Photos should be no smaller than 1 megapixel (1200 x 900 pixels). The following information needs to be included with your photo submission:

The following statement must be copied and attached to your photo(s), and sent to I agree that I am an amateur photographer of at least 18 years of age. I hereby grant The Cat Practice, Inc. the non-exclusive royalty/free irrevocable rights, exercisable in its sole discretion, to use, reproduce, copy, publish, display, distribute, perform, translate, adapt, modify, and otherwise use the images (in whole or in part) and to incorporate the image(s) in any and all market and media. I have the exclusive right to grant such rights to The Cat Practice, Inc. I agree to allow use of my cat’s name in publicity or advertising without compensation. I understand and agree that The Cat Practice shall have no obligation to copy, publish, display, or otherwise use the images nor shall it be obligated to prevent or have any liability for, any unauthorized copying, publishing, displaying or use of images. The 2018 Cat Practice Calendar will be available for Christmas, and make a charming gift for any cat lover. To reserve your calendar, call us at (504) 525-6369.